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KC Brants is committed to providing the most comprehensive and distinguished real estate services within the distinctive communities of the Greater Eastside real estate market. Appreciated for her integrity and transparency that she exhibits in each transaction; KC specializes in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential Properties, Distinctive Luxury Properties and Investment Opportunities. She is very astute and dedicated to providing trusted and sound representation for her local, national and international clientele. In helping a client to find their dream home, sell their special residence or make a strategic investment, KC takes every measure to ensure that all of her clients’ personal real estate goals are achieved!

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Direct: (206) 595-0515

Email: kcbrants@windermere.com

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We are overseas buyers. KC helped us all the process carefully while we were purchasing our new home and gave us good advice professionally. While we are not able to check the house in person, KC provided good communication skills with the seller as well as the escrow staff. She noticed the details of the house that we should understand. I strongly recommend KC Brants!

KC is very knowledgeable in real estate industry. She was able to help even I am oversea. Highly recommend to everyone who is oversea cant come to US in person, she is THE agent you can rely on. I am very satisfied with her service and will use her again in the future. Thank you KC!!!

This is our 4th completed transaction with KC. Two purchases and two sales. KC has her stuff together, and knows the best strategy to get our stuff sold, and how to get maximum value out of what we're selling. We basically let her know our high levels plans (we want to sell by xx/xx date), and she tells us what to do to make it happen. With her, my goal is to get everything in order ASAP, because she's always brings her A-game. Her pricing has always been spot on, and we always sold within a couple thousand of where she believed we'd close. My only regret is that I'm leaving the area and won't be able to work with her again. BUT that said, she did some interviews and found me another agent who was *almost* as good as her in my new area. Above and beyond. Every day.

Bothell, WA

KC Brants is a great realtor. I would definitely use her again. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She had good suggestions helping me get my property ready to sell. She knows what she's doing.

Bellevue, WA

KC Makes you feel you are her #1 priority, returns calls and texts right away, gives her opinion but allows you to make the final decision. She works with a wonderful stager and photographer to put your property in the best light possible. We were on the market one day (in a winter market) and rec'd an offer over our list price. She was there with us from start to finish. A better experience with a real estate agent isn't out there - you can't top KC

KC Brants

Bellevue, WA

As first time home buyers, my husband and I have lots of questions, KC has excellent market knowledge, and she is super responsive, always replies our emails very soon and explains every details to us. KC is reliable and sensitive to budgetary, I believe they put us in a better negotiating  position. We thus got our dream house - it was our very first offer and it was a competitive process, we are thankful that KC team help us getting the house

KC Brants

Sammamish, WA

Being first time home buyers we were little intimidated at first. Luckily we had KC as our amazing realtor agent. She never left any questions unanswered, always responded promptly. We loved all her excellent advises, her strategies and you know KC, we are really thankful that you showed a lot of patience with us. After few weeks we found a house that we loved and KC knew exactly how to proceed to get it and also for a great price. The prices and competition in Seattle Eastside area are crazy but with KC's help we could buy our dream house at almost listing price. We didn't expect that we will find so quickly a house in our budget, so that's why we renewed our lease but KC did it! I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly professional Realtor and for a smooth home buying process

KC Brants

Redmond, WA

I describe her to be "magical." During our offer process, there were a couple of times when we were in a difficult spot with negotiations and KC Brants did a fabulous job at resolving those issues. She has always been prompt in responding, she invests time in understanding her clients and their needs and preferences, and guides them the best way possible. Her advice gave us strong confidence in our purchasing decisions. We're very grateful to have her as our agent and would without doubt work with her again

KC Brants

Bellevue, WA

KC helped me win my very first offer, on my very first home. I had never gone through the offer process before, and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very happy now in home and I am so glad that KC was there to help me through the process. I recommend her 100%.

KC Brants

KC was recommended to me by a friend, she was my buying agent. We went on an epic journey over 3 weeks in this crazy Seattle market. When I started, I had an idea of what my style, taste, location and price range was, but within the first few days those ideas were blown to smithereens. With bidding wars, multiple contingency waivers, and a Hunger Games type atmosphere, we had to adjust on the fly. Within a matter of days KC was able to narrow down my revised likes and dislikes, help focus my search towards realistic offers that had a change of success. We put offers on 5 properties, only to be outbid by multiple offers, significantly over asking. Eventually the 6th time was the charm and I landed what I think is the right house for me. The real time market insight, time spent calling realtors, HOAs, property visits, I couldn’t have asked for more. The constant communication, updates and conversations was key to finding the right home for me. KC was on top of every little detail throughout the process, I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy in this crazy market. I appreciate everything you do for me KC, wish you all the best!!

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KC excels at educating and creating value for her clients and is very deliberate, strategic and resourceful when advising them. When working with sellers, KC implements effective and resourceful marketing strategies that skillfully position the seller’s property to stand out in the market place. Regardless of the time and effort it takes, in service to her buyers she works tirelessly to identify key opportunities that meet their lifestyle requirements. She exhibits a relentless commitment to securing just the right property for each buyer. In serving the requirements of her investor’s, she takes great care to analyze the investment potential of each property and is highly diligent in researching and providing them with the critical information needed to make thoughtful and balanced decisions.


In representing her clients with a high level of personalized service, KC’s valued counsel, trusted perspective and skillfulness extend to every aspect of her service throughout the transaction. She is very thorough in providing constant communication about each important detail of the transaction and is always extremely attentive, accessible and responds promptly to her clients. KC is always quick in establishing an excellent working relationship with the cooperating listing or selling agent in order to arrive at the best terms in each transaction for her clients. Her attention to detail, consistent follow through and determination to indulge her clients with first class service sets her apart. KC is truly a highly dedicated professional who through her informed and insightful expertise provides an unprecedented depth of real estate representation.

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KC Brants
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